Situated northwest of Gainesville just east of High Springs, Gainesville Lawnscaping is proud to serve this area of mid-central Florida. We’ve seen serving the fine residents and business owners of Alachua, Florida for years as part of our dedication to serving the greater Gainesville Metropolitan area.

With a population of some 264,275 people at the 2010 census — and counting — there’s never been more of a greater need for our landscapers in Alachua.

About Our Lawn Care Services In Alachua

If it involves the functional aesthetics or upkeep of your home or business’ outdoor space, we can probably help you. From residential and commercial full-service lawn care to irrigation repair and installation, Gainesville Lawnscaping is also proud to offer Alachua residents with:

And more — just call us to ask!

Your Outdoor Space Was Meant To Look Good — Our Alachua Landscapers Can Help

People tend to underestimate the importance of quality lawn care. It’s one thing to care less about your lawn if you live up north in an area that’s frozen for half of the year, but this is Florida that we’re talking about: it’s pretty dang warm most of the year!

At Gainesville Lawnscaping, our experience with the Alachua community suggests that homeowners and business owners alike do care about the quality of their outdoor space. That’s why we’re here to provide residential and commercial lawn care in Alachua and other pocket communities to help your yard look as good as possible.

Whether you’d like to create great impressions with your customers or entertain and host parties in the backyard of your dreams, Gainesville Lawnscaping is the #1 solution for yard care and landscapers in Alachua and the Gainesville metropolitan area. Contact us today to get started!

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