1. The Benefits Of Having a Well-Maintained Yard

    We’re going to start this blog post with a fact: having a nice, good-looking yard is...well, nice. Okay, maybe that’s our biased opinion as residential and commercial landscapers in Gainesville. Even if that’s actually not a fact, it’s not like anyone has looked at a well-designed, lush yard with disdain — at least, we hope not! Create A Welcoming Space With Commercial Landscaping In Gai…Read More

  2. Welcome To Our Blog!

    If you’ve spent any time living in a residential area, at some point or another, you’ve probably looked at someone’s yard and thought, “Wow, that looks really well-maintained. I wish I had a yard like that!” The appeal of neatly trimmed, carefully designed yard is hard to explain, but whatever it is, there’s no doubt in our minds that a yard well done is nothing shy of satisfying. Last…Read More

  3. Poisonous Plants

    I have been asked from time to time if the landscape at a home is poisonous for their pets. You would be surprised to know there are many popular plants in Gainesville, Florida that are extremely dangerous for cats and dogs. I am going to tell you about a few that are quite popular in our area that are extremely dangerous, so you can ensure the safety of your pet. Sago Palm The Sago Palm is part o…Read More

  4. Fruit Thinning

    Unsure of how to increase the production of your fruit tree? If you are in the Gainesville, Florida area, you are in luck because we can help! If you are not local, or simply would like to do your own thinning, here is some helpful information for you: Some types of fruit trees produce more fruit than the tree can actually support. Not only does the tree struggle to support the weight of the fruit…Read More

  5. Cycad Scale

    I have been asked by many Gainesville lawn care customers about white stuff being on their Sago Palms. It has been described to me as almost like snow that just takes over the plant, and tends scaleto build up on the bottom areas of the fronds. Most people think that this is a disease or a fungus, but this is actually a pest called the Cycad Scale or Aulacaspis Scale, also known as (Aulacaspis Yas…Read More

  6. Crape Murder

    During this time of year we are experiencing many landscaping “crimes”. I see it all over Gainesville, Florida. In our neighborhoods, local businesses, and even on city and county properties. Many people have unfortunately turned the other way or just do not realize it is even happening. This is a major pet peeve of mine, and hopefully after reading this blog you may be able to help reduce thi…Read More