Whether you’re the owner of a commercial property or you’re wanting to ensure your business is hitting the mark in every area, your landscape is something that needs to be on your mind. The exterior of your building — landscape included — is the first impression that potential customers, competing businesses, and future employees, will get. For that reason, you want to make sure that it’s creating the correct image right off the bat. 

Gainesville Lawnscaping has provided countless commercial properties in the Gainesville and surrounding areas with the quality landscaping services they need. In that time, we have seen quite a few landscaping problems that could be avoided by hiring a professional landscaping company. In today’s blog, our team is going to sit down and go over a few of the most common commercial landscaping problems that we see. Let’s go ahead and get started.


A common problem with various forms of landscaping is draining. Water is crucial when it comes to keeping a lawn green and growing, but there needs to be a means of draining this water if it pools. While it may not seem like an immediate landscaping problem, drainage is something that you don’t want to put on the backburner. 


It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that timing is a big part of the landscaping equation in more ways than one. For starters, the timing of your irrigation system will ultimately determine how well-watered your landscape is. This factor is what leaves your landscape looking healthy and green or crispy and brown. 

Another piece of timing that many commercial properties struggle with is the timing of their services. If you schedule your landscaping services too far apart, you wind up with a landscape that is overgrown and messy. The best way to avoid that is by having a professional work on your commercial landscape so that they can better determine how quickly the grass grows or how often the hedges need to be trimmed so that they consistently look great.


While the lawn is a huge part of commercial landscaping, it’s far from the only part. Trees and bushes are another significant piece of commercial landscaping, so they deserve equal attention when it comes to cleaning up a commercial property. Unfortunately, a lack of pruning is another problem that we often see when visiting commercial properties. While it may not be needed as frequently as routine lawn maintenance, talk with the landscaping company that you choose to hire and ask them their opinion. You may be surprised how often they suggest scheduling pruning services.

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