It is officially October, which means that fall weather is settling in and winter is quickly approaching. As the owner of a business, there are plenty of things that you need to stay on top of during this time of the year, and your landscaping is one of them. While these seasons aren’t commonly associated as the months where landscaping is a main priority, there are countless things that you should be doing to prepare your landscape for the months ahead.

Gainesville Lawnscaping is proud to provide quality commercial landscaping services to the Gainesville area. If you need any help with your commercial landscape, contact our team to request a quote on the services that you need. For now, let’s talk about a few of the things that you can do to prepare your landscape for the cooler months ahead.

Stay on Top of Leaves

One of the many things that you need to be prepared for during this time of the year is the leaves falling from the trees. While it’s not entirely true that dead leaves can kill your landscape simply by being on the lawn, they can affect the health of your lawn if you leave them and bad weather comes through. With wet, heavy leaves covering your landscape, your lawn is not only going to have a difficult time getting the sunshine it needs, but it is also going to be more susceptible to grass, mold, and fungus. 

To avoid the leaves from doing this to your commercial landscape, and to simply ensure your lawn continues to look great, hire a team of commercial landscape professionals to tackle the countless leaves that are going to fall. 

Account for Snow Storage

We know, it’s Florida, and snow isn’t one of the largest concerns that you have as a business owner. Even though it’s not a significant concern compared to other states, there is still a chance of snow here in Florida, and it’s your job as a commercial building owner to be prepared for it. When you look at your landscape, you want to make sure that you have spaces that are allocated for snow storage. These areas should have durable plants that will be able to tackle the cool temperatures and the chance of snow building up. 

Think About Drainage

While we’re on the topic of snow, let’s talk a little bit about drainage. Be it the heavy rains or melted snow, drainage is something that you need to be prepared to deal with on your commercial property. When water builds up, there’s a chance of flooding and additional damage to the roads and walkways. To best avoid this happening to your property, make sure that you’ve worked out the drainage methods that you’ll be using during these seasons. 

Book Your Commercial Landscaping Services

Fall and winter may not need the same landscaping services that you need during the summer, but there is still routine maintenance and seasonal lawn care that should be done. Gainesville Lawnscaping would love to be the commercial landscaping company that helps you manage your landscape. If you’re interested in learning more about our commercial landscaping services or you’re ready to schedule them for your commercial building in Gainesville, contact our office, and we would be more than happy to assist you.