Signs That It’s Time To Redo Your Landscaping

A good-looking, well-designed yard can really add a lot of value to your home. A nice outdoor space surrounding your office or storefront can also add a surprising amount of value to your business by creating positive impressions with your customers. Custom landscape design is a worthwhile investment in a residential and commercial sense, but at the end of the day, everyone can agree that it just looks nice. Why not enjoy the areas that you spend a lot of time around?

Our Gainesville Landscape Design Experts Can Help!

Here at Gainesville Lawnscaping, we provide many different services to make the space around your home or business look absolutely stellar. While our residential and commercial recurring lawn care services are suited to maintain an existing yard, of course, sometimes it’s worth overhauling your yard. But how do you know when it’s time to say goodbye to your “old” yard and invest in a brand new outdoor space?

That’s what we’ll be focusing on here in today’s blog post. Read below for some key considerations that factor into whether or not to overhaul your existing yard, and then contact Gainesville Lawnscaping for the best custom landscape services in Gainesville, Alachua, Jonesville, Newberry, High Springs, and beyond. Let’s get started.

Your Grass Won’t Cooperate

When people look at your yard, their eyes are naturally drawn to your lawn — after all, grass usually represents the largest amount of space in an average yard (with the exception of xeriscaping, of course). If you moved into an older home and your lawn just isn’t in a healthy state, you may as well skip another round of fertilizer and additional gallons of wasted water.

Since you’ll be going to the trouble of replacing your sod, it may be worth it to tear up and re-design your entire yard.

You Want Custom Features

Have you always wanted an idyllic hammock to enjoy a book with, or perhaps a water foundation for birds to perch on? What about a mini garden full of thriving herbs and plants? When you work with our residential and commercial landscapers in Gainesville, we’ll ask you about any custom features that you’d like to incorporate in your new landscaping design.

Your Yard Has Sustained Damage Over Time

Wear and tear from pets, children, bugs, natural elements, and other factors can progressively wear down a yard over time, adding a charming-but-admittedly-beat-up vibe to your yard. Just like your car or anything else that needs maintenance, your yard requires TLC as well, and sometimes that TLC translates into getting a brand new yard.

You Just Don’t Like How Your Yard Looks Anymore

Tired of seeing the same type of flowers? Can’t stand petunias? Whatever your personal preferences are, rest assured that you’ll have your way when you work with our landscape design company in Gainesville.

Get Started With Gainesville Lawnscaping!

It’s always worth having an outdoor space that you love and enjoy. Create the yard of your dreams by working with our landscapers in Gainesville — request a quote today!

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