Unlike what they’d say in Game of Thrones, here’s what our landscaping company in Gainesville would say to homeowners like you: summer is coming. Indeed, the summer heat is well on its way, and though we’ll have our fair share of tropical storms to give us a break from the intense summer sun, we’re getting ready to buckle down for the hottest part of the year.

Lawn Maintenance Tips From Your Lawn Care Experts In Gainesville, FL

A happy yard is one that receives a proper amount of water, nutrients in the form of fertilizer, and ample sunlight –– but not too much sunlight. In an effort to prepare our customers as much as we are here at Gainesville Lawnscaping, we’re offering the following lawn maintenance tips to consider in preparation of the intense summer heat:

How To Keep Your Grass From Being Scorched By The Sun This Summer

Aerate Your Lawn During The Spring

If you haven’t aerated your lawn yet (or hired a lawn care company in Gainesville to do it for you), it’s not too late. However, we recommend doing it soon so that your lawn’s root system has enough time to properly form and absorb ample amounts of water.

Remove Excess Thatch From The Surface

If it’s been a while since your lawn has seen a little TLC, it’s time to clean up your yard. Thatch, excess, windblown debris, animal droppings, leaves, and other things that shouldn’t be on the surface of your grass prevent water from reaching the roots. This debris also prevents you from being able to cut your grass evenly.

Don’t Cut It Too Short

Though grass cut as finely as a putting green looks absolutely fantastic, this is no way to properly defend your grass from the harsh rays of the sun. Similar to how long hair prevents the back of your neck from getting a sunburn, slightly longer grass helps reduce the sun’s exposure, especially when it comes to the deep roots of your grass.

Additionally, by keeping your grass at a slightly longer length (but still a length that’s acceptable by strict HOA standards), your roots will extend deeper into the earth beneath it. This helps your grass beat-out weeds for precious resources like nitrogen.

Mowing early or late in the day, or mowing on a cloudy day, is a good idea so that sun exposure is minimized for your freshly cut grass.

Water When It Counts

Watering your grass in the intense heat won’t hurt it, but you’ll waste a lot of that sprinkler water due to evaporation. Just like cutting your grass, try to water it when during the coolest parts of the day. Doing so will allow your root system to efficiently absorb the water.

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