Frequently Asked Questions

Gainesville Lawnscaping will service both residential and commercial. We offer free estimates on landscaping and full service lawn care for both types of accounts and can create a custom package that suits the needs of your property.

No you do not! While others may force you into a long term contract, you may stop your service with Gainesville Lawnscaping at any time. It is our belief that with the exceptional quality of service we provide, our customers will welcome us back to their property to handle their lawn care.

We can trim tree limbs and remove small trees, and outsource larger tree removals with licensed arborists.

Every property is different, which is why we come out to give free estimates. We can offer several different options for each property to fit your budget.

Our services include grass mowing, edging, shrub trimming, blowing, light weeding, and light tree trimming.

Gainesville Lawnscaping also offers mulch and sod installation, new landscape design and installation, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, and sprinkler repair.

While other providers may try to say the answer is every week, this is excessive and a waste of your hard earned money. While each property is different, our most popular package includes visits every other week during the colder five months and weekly during the warmer seven months.

We accept cash, checks, all major credit cards, and bank transfers for our services. If you sign up for recurring service, you will have the choice of placing a credit card on file or you may pay with cash or check each month.

Yes we do! We currently have two specials that we are offering. The first is that you receive $25 for every referral you send our way that signs up for recurring services. Our other special has really been growing in popularity: Refer four friends or family members that sign up for recurring service, and we take care of your lawn care for FREE!

Gainesville Lawnscaping will service Gainesville, Newberry, Jonesville, High Springs, Lake Butler, Archer, and Alachua.

We can work around your schedule. We have crews working every day of the week, so if there is a time or day that is best for you, we can schedule you accordingly.

While each property is a little different, we recommend that you have your home and driveway pressure washed once a year. The amount of times that you have mulch installed will depend on the type used and how much wear each section is getting, but usually having some fresh mulch laid once or twice a year is best.

This is the reason that Gainesville Lawnscaping was opened to begin with. Our owner grew tired of having to change lawn care providers because their quality was lacking. EVERY servicing is inspected by upper management to ensure the best job possible is being done. Additionally, because we do not require customers to sign long term contracts, we are always providing the best service possible to ensure we continue to earn your business and trust!

Yes we are! If requested, we can provide a copy of these documents for you.

Yes we can! We can suggest plants and trees that would fit your property and budget. Additionally, we can draw out a landscape plan for you, and if you’d like, can even provide a 3D rendering of the proposed plan!

  • Allows remaining fruit to develop to a mature size
  • More sunlight reaches fruit causing brighter colors and improved flavor
  • Reduces alternate bearing
  • Minimizes change of pest issues, diseases, fungus, and sunburn damage
  • Reduces limb breakage due to the excessive weight

The fruit should be thinned when they are still fairly small. Typically this is around early April to mid May. This depends on the type of fruit tree. For stone fruits, remove when they are about 3/4-1 inch in size.

This depends on the type of tree and the overall quantity of fruit on the tree. You want to keep the largest of the fruit.

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