Winter is coming. Well, to be a little more accurate, fall is coming — and fast! If you’re not a fan of the scorching summer temperatures, take comfort in the fact that fall’s relatively cool weather will soon be settling in. Perhaps you’ve noticed the sun start to set a little bit earlier day by day, or you’re starting to take note of the brilliant color change of the trees. Whether or not you have a keen eye for seasonal change, one thing is certain: your yard knows what’s going on.

Treat Your Yard Like It Deserves to be Treated

Despite the fact that Gainesville will likely see high temperatures well into October, your lawn, like most other places in the United States, will start to go dormant. Don’t worry; this is perfectly natural! In your quest for the perfect yard, the residential and commercial lawn care experts in Gainesville offer a few simple but important pointers to keep in mind during the stunning transition between summer and autumn.

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Fight Your Urge to Fertilize

As your lawn begins to fade in color from a rich, vibrant green to a dreary gray or brown, logic tells you that you’ll need to apply more nitrogen-heavy fertilizer. Our first piece of advice is to avoid this line of thinking.

While applying high-nitrogen fertilizer in the warm and wet spring months is ideal for healthy lawn growth, doing so in the winter could outright kill your grass should a rapid cold front arrive. Let your grass do its natural thing by going dormant.

Rake Those Leaves and Clear Your Lawn of Any Debris

If you’ve ever heard that leaves insulate the surface of your lawn from the cold weather, please discredit this line of thinking. While that makes sense, all you’re doing is preventing the grass from getting the nutrients and sunshine it needs via photosynthesis. Jumping in giant piles of leaves is fun, but make sure to collect and bag up the leaves on your lawn.

Don’t Stop Watering Your Lawn

Unlike colder climates that require sprinkler systems to be blown out to avoid frozen pipelines, you’re still good to water your lawn and other outdoor plants. However, because it’s not as hot anymore, you don’t need to water as often or as long. If you’re unsure how much to scale your water usage back, just ask our friendly Gainesville lawn care team.

Any Questions? We’d Love to Help!

If you’re particular about your hard, the colder months can be a bit of a pain. Fortunately, we make residential and commercial lawn care in Gainesville a total breeze. Whether you’re in need of property clean up services to help your lawn breathe or you’re in need of residential lawn care or commercial lawn care services, Gainesville Lawnscaping can handle it all. Get started today!

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